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The sharing of words through story, poem and song has always brought communities together in times of fear and change. So, join us for Weekend of Words, a free virtual literary festival to celebrate the written word and those behind it.

Thank you so much for your interest in this little experiment that has taken the form of a spontaneous pop-up festival! It was conceived as a response to the new climate around us, with so many events, classes and performances cancelled. We now have over 125 presenters, 50 sessions and over 30 hours of free literary programming for the community.

The mission of the festival is keep the important work of authors visible, create revenue streams and provide inspiration for others in the literary community. One part of the experiment is to see if we can create a new revenue stream for artists - to make this festival accessible to everyone, we made the programming free and are going to be encouraging donations to the presenters. We believe this can help us achieve all parts of the festival mission - broadest reach, affordability and with scale, financial support for all of the artists.

So, we ask you to join us in this grand experiment! Find the sessions that grab your attention, spread the word about them to others in the community, show up to let the presenters know that what they do matters, and when something speaks to you, be generous. Whether financially or just with your words, let them know.

We hope you find this festival meaningful, and fruitful. Thank you for being a part!