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Duana Fullwiley

Duana Fullwiley

Duana Fullwiley is a literary medical anthropologist and ethnographer of science who writes non-fiction anthropological works focused on the human actors within science that have written genetic science in terms of race, nation, territory, and ever-shifting constructs of citizenship. She also writes poetry as a medium to chronicle seemingly contradictory elements of modern life (from immigration policies to mental health fixes to biomedical therapies) that aim to cure ills but that also harbor death-dealing consequences. Her work is interdisciplinary, multi-lingual (English, French, Wolof) and spans and connects metropolises that aren’t often linked (Oakland, Paris, Dakar). She has also worked as a curator partnering with several museum exhibits on the theme of science politics with hopes to bring attention to the marginalized whose innovations go unnoticed, often because of gender, poverty, age and their global standing. She is also an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stanford.

Writer, Anthropologist, Associate Professor

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