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Tyrice Brown

Tyrice Brown

Tyrice Brown was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia. She was brought up around Southern Black women who engrained their herstory in her hair, skin, soul, and mind. Her work represents their stories, and she writes from the perspective of being Black and female in America (including all the complexities that come with that identity). She is a warrior for women’s rights, and has worked with numerous nonprofits from the West Coast to Virginia that support the mission of educating and protecting marginalized women. She has a Masters Degree in English/Creative Writing and Bachelors Degree in Women’s /African American Studies. She currently works in higher education as an advisor. Her poetry is published in Our Spirits Carry Our Voices, and she is the web consultant for West Oakland to West Africa an international poetry exchange. She now resides in Texas and is working on a book about her hometown.

Poet, Activist, Academic Advisor

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